Yuka Cowe is an artist working and living in the south east of England. She was born in Japan and raised on the east coast of the USA. She began working in ceramics from primary school and in 1997 she returned to the UK to attend university where she earned a First Class Honours in Glass, Architectural Glass and Ceramics from the University of Sunderland.

Originally she intended to continue studying ceramics but in the first weeks of her degree Yuka was introduced to glass as a medium. After learning various techniques in hot glass, traditional stained glass and kiln formed glass, Yuka found kiln glass allowed her to achieve a greater freedom in form and texture and the medium of glass added a further dimension to her work.

Yuka initially worked in solid cast glass using negative space to create images in the glass. Later she found working in a thinner format allowed for more emphasis on texture and surface decoration and for more delicate forms. She began using a multi-step process of creating a flat piece of glass from frits, stringers, rods or hot shop formed pieces of glass via a high temperature fuse then a further step of slumping to create the form. Yuka is not confined by one particular method and enjoys working with glass in a variety of techniques to achieve the individual aesthetic for the piece she is working on. She also incorporates other objects or materials into her work to emphasise the properties of glass.

During her time at the University of Sunderland Yuka procured commissions, exhibited her work around the UK and won awards including the Charles Bray award for Outstanding Achievement in Glass. Her work is also is in the collection of the Vice Chancellor of the University.

After graduating she once again spent time in the USA and established a studio in Pennsylvania before moving back to the UK to live in London where she pursued another passion- Science, completing a degree in Genetics and Microbiology which has served as inspiration for her artwork.

She has continued studying with glass artists, and has also taken courses in lamp working, jewellery, Silversmithing, felt making, oil painting, photography and printmaking in order to incorporate new elements and materials in her work. Currently she has a small studio behind her home in rural Kent.